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You work hard every day, so do something good for yourself.

Give yourself a way to improve your commuting experience and your health, your budget, your well-being and your environment. Pick a day and try something different from our list below. Mix and match with your schedule, explore alternatives and share your clever commuting strategies with others.

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Share your ride and your expenses. Create a Free NuRide profile and search thousands of travelers for a carpool and vanpool.

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Avoid the mess. Visit 511 for real time traffic, transit, weather, construction, and event information for Eastern Massachusetts.

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Commuter Travel Options

Options Advantages and Uses
Carpool check check check check Save money, lower stress, save time using the hov lane, and reduce your carbon footprint
Vanpool check check check check Lower your commuting costs, relax on your way to work, make new friends, and reduce emissions
NuRide check check check Earn rewards each time you bicycle, walk, carpool, vanpool, use public transit, or even telework. Looking for someone to travel with? Search NuRide to find someone going your way.
Bicycle and Walk check check check check Get your workout in on your way to work. Biking and walking is a low cost solution, it's good for heart, your soul, and the planet.
Emergency Ride Home check check check check Take needing a car out of the equation; we'll make sure you get a ride home if you have an emergency, it's free and takes the stress out of traveling green.
Mass Transit check check check check Leave your car in the driveway, and try the bus. using public transit is a great way to reduce stress and save some cash. plus, you can take a nap on your way home (but don't miss your stop!).
Park and Ride Lots check check check Never pay to park. meet your carpool, vanpool, or catch the bus at one of the state's free lots just for commuters. find one in your area.
Teleworking check check check check Take the commute out of commuting. teleworking let's you balance your home and work life, while increasing productivity in all areas of your life.
Drive Smart & Save check check check check Save money on gas and increase your fuel efficiency in any vehicle by following some simple tips.