Commuters: Vanpool

Make it easy on yourself:

  • Convenience: It's all about you! You and your vanpool group choose your own routes, your own schedules, your on pick up and drop off locations. Choose a park & ride lot or a location near your worksite or both. You design the weekly plan.
  • Comfort: Relax, socialize or catch up on work during your commute. Yes! Our vanpools have comfortable seating, zoned heating and air conditioning, customized lighting, tinted windows, and more.
  • Vanpooling boarding zones: Get special treatment when you travel to boston. Use vanpool boarding zones created by the boston transportation department just for vanpoolers.
  • Reduce your monthly expenses: Vanpoolers share vehicle and gas costs and tolls and parking.
  • Insurance discount: Many vanpool passengers save an extra 10% discount on their personal automobile insurance with proof of a vanpool certification. You might be eligible too.
  • Free and discounted parking: Many boston parking lots and garages have exclusive spots for vanpoolers and offer reduced rates.
  • Free registration and license plates The state offers these free for qualified vanpools.

van driving down the road #1 Check current routes to see if a vanpool is going your way


#2 Take the initiative. Start your own vanpool

To get started, just call us at 888-4COMMUTE

We will:

  • Help you organize a vanpool group
  • Help you set-up your vanpool zone permit
  • Help you map your locations
  • Help you pick the right vehicle and pricing for your group
  • Help you pick a meeting place for morning and afternoon pick-ups
  • Assist with finding back-up drivers

AAA says "each time you drive 50 miles to work, you spend approx $8,000 a year on gas, maintenance, taxes, depreciation and finance costs." The same commute in a 14-passenger vanpool can cost as little as $1,700 annually. Calculate your monthly costs

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