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NuRide, the nation’s largest rewards program for individuals who take greener trips, is now available in Massachusetts

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About NuRide

NuRide is a free benefit that you can offer to your employees today.

Employees who choose to take a “greener trip” -- walking, biking, carpooling, vanpooling, public transportation, or even telecommuting-- earn points for confirming their trips at www.nuride.com. Participants can redeem those points for rewards, such as restaurant coupons or discounts at local and national retailers.

Employees who are currently driving solo can use NuRide to connect with other travelers going their same way.

NuRide is Good for Business

NuRide supports your company’s sustainability initiatives and can help you manage parking demand. By promoting NuRide you can help reduce employees’ commuting stress, increase productivity, reduce parking needs, and even receive LEED certification points.

Track Participation and See Results

Through MassRIDES, NuRide allows you to measure actual results for your organization, including number of participants, trips taken, emissions prevented, gas conserved, money saved, rewards earned, and even the average number of empty parking spots.

Contact your local Worksite Coordinator to discuss how you can offer NuRide to your employees.

Learn how NuRide works.