Employers - Ride Share

Why does it matter?

By reducing drive-alone trips, your organization will help massachusetts reduce air pollution, traffic congestion, and spending on road construction and repair projects.

DEP Rideshare Regulation

Ride Share Massachusetts DEP Rideshare Regulation (310 cmr 7.16)

If you have:

  • 250 or more employees, and
  • educational facilities with 1,000 or more students and employees combined

You may be required under the Massachusetts Rideshare Regulation (310 cmr 7.16) to develop plans and set goals for reducing by 25% the number of times commuters drive alone to work.

As part of this process, your organization should:

  • Survey current commute patterns
  • Identify available commuting options
  • Set goals for reducing drive-alone trips
  • Offer options and incentives for reducing drive-alone trips
  • Review how commute patterns change as a result

For more information, visit the Massachusetts DEP website.

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