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Drive Smart and Save

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Tips for Car Maintenance:

Good Maintenance practices to help you save money and become more fuel-efficient.

Read your Vehicle Owner's Manual and follow the recommended maintenance schedule:
1. Change engine oil with correct oil and oil filter (1-2% mpg benefit)
2. Replace clogged air filter (up to 10% mpg benefit)
3. Tune your engine (4% average mpg benefit)

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Save $120 a year by making certain the gas cap is tight. Loose, damaged, or missing fuel tank caps cause 147 million gallons of fuel to evaporate each year.

Keep up the pressure

Check your tire pressure monthly. Approximately 35% of all vehicles are running on under-inflated tires. Proper tire pressure is safer, extends tire life, and can improve mpg by up to 3%. Make sure your tire pressure is set to the manufacturer specifications. Check the tire pressure with your own tire gauge once a month.

Keep your trunk clean

An extra 100 pounds in your vehicle can reduce your miles per gallon (mpg) by up to 2%. Removing unnecessary items from your trunk saves fuel.

Keep your car in shape.

A well-maintained vehicle can return fuel economy increases such as:
a. Proper turning
b. Air filter replacement
c. Use of manufacturer's recommended grade motor oil
d. Properly inflated tires

Remove unused roof racks

This action will reduce aerodynamic drag and increase fuel economy.

Track your fuel consumption

Keep a small notebook or collect fuel reciepts to record distance travelled and fuel economy (mpg). See Ecomodder.com for more information on tracking fuel consumption.

Clean off snow and ice

Clean snow and ice off of your vehicle before driving. This will minimize your use of energy-consumption, will reduce weight, and will avoid potentially dangerous conditions for drivers.

Clean out the garage

If you have a garage space for your vehicle, cleaning it during the cold months will allow for a faster warm up and better fuel economy.