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Our Programs:

  • Teach children and parents about the broad range of transportation choices
  • Instruct them in important lifelong bicycling and walking safety skills
  • Create awareness among drivers in the vicinity of schools
  • Improve the health benefits of our children through regular exercise leading, and
  • Improve the physical health, environmental health and safety of our children

Pedestrian and bicycle safety education teach students pedestrian and bicycle skills through classroom and hands on learning.

Presentations create awareness among community members, PTO representatives, and school stakeholders on the benefits and access to the Safe Routes to School program.

Classroom visits highlight safe routes, school activities, pedestrian and bicycle safety skills, and health and environmental benefits.

Adult education shows the child's perspective as pedestrians and bicyclists, the importance of modeling safe pedestrian and bicycle behavior, and improving driver behaviors around schools. Adult education trainings promote sustainability and teach school staff and community members how to effectively deliver pedestrian and bicycle safety education to students.

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