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Parent Survey

We offer a survey for parents to better understand student transportation choices and concerns. MassRIDES can provide a print-out version that kids take home with them. These take-home surveys are the national standard and can be submitted to MassRIDES for analysis. Schools Encouragement Community

Valentines for Sidewalk Shovelers

Have students create valentines for property owners along walking routes. The valentines thank the property owners for keeping sidewalks shoveled. Students leave them in property owners’ mailboxes. This could be adapted for the fall, when property owners may need a reminder that students depend on their shoveling for a safe walking or biking route through the winter.

Town-wide Safe Routes to School Committee

Organize a town-wide task force to oversee Safe Routes activities, with one representative from each partner school. The task force serves both as a forum for discussing best practices and an outlet for communication with town planners, safety officers, DPW employees, and other town partners.

Traffic Talk

Create a pamphlet that delivers facts and rules about school transportation and either send it home with students, hand it out to parents as they arrive at school, or leave it on the windshields of parked cars. Information might include: How many students attend the school? How many buses? How many walkers and bikers? Where am I allowed to drop my child off? Where is it recommended that I drop my child off to facilitate the drop-off and to get exercise? Where and when do walking school buses go? Who can I contact with questions? What other rules should I know about?

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