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Walk Across America

Identify a goal (Walk across America, Walk around Massachusetts, etc.) and track progress, in steps, towards reaching that goal. Teachers can link this activity with their history or geography curriculum (e.g., Walk the Lexington-Concord Battle Trail). Check out our Walk Across America step-by-step guide to help you get started.

Marathon Challenge

During recess, before school, or at other times during the day, allow students to walk laps around the school or around the track and record their mileage or steps. Students who reach 26.2 miles are accepted into the “marathon club,” which earns them a place on a list in the lobby and/or a prize.

Student Survey Math Project

MassRIDES requires partner schools to complete student surveys once per semester. Teachers take a simple tally of how their students arrived at school and return the results to MassRIDES for tabulation and analysis. Teachers can turn this into a math project, analyzing the survey results in class with the students.

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