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engineering We can help you create operational and physical improvements to the infrastructure surrounding your school. Helping to lower speeds, reduce potential conflicts with traffic, and establish safer and fully accessible crossings, walkways, trails, and bikeways. This include:

  • Improving physical environments
  • Safer routes for children

Your school can partner with MassRIDES on education, encouragement, enforcement, and evaluation activities to become eligible for infrastructure projects targeted to enhancing safe access to schools. Selected schools will represent diverse socio-economic communities, in urban/suburban/rural environments statewide, all committed to implementing ongoing Safe Routes to School initiatives.

An on-call team of engineers, planners, and pedestrian/bicycle experts assess school environments making recommendations for possible operational and physical improvements to the roads and walkways surrounding schools. Safety enhancements may include speed reduction improvements, pedestrian and bicycle crossings, on- or off-street bicycle facilities providing school access, secure bicycle parking, and sidewalks.

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