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Partner Spotlight: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Fisheries

written by Kyle Bonus Mar 14th 2018

This month’s partner spotlight features National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Fisheries of Gloucester, Massachusetts, for their first and very successful Meet Your Match (MYM) event, held in November.

Meet Your Match events are informal meet and greet sessions hosted by MassRIDES designed to pair up colleagues that could potentially form a carpool together based on their ZIP code and work schedule.

Though many employees of NOAA Fisheries are local with short commutes, 15 employees still signed up to find carpool matches. Productive conversations were held between attendees and consistent carpool arrangements were organized.

An exciting highlight that emerged from this event was the coordination of a carpool to alleviate one employee’s long and winding daily two hour commute. The employee had previously been a part of a vanpool that had ended a few months prior but now without a vanpool, he was forced back to using his own car for the long commute. The solo commute can be especially disheartening as it costs more than the vanpool each day and puts a great deal of wear and tear on one’s car.

Fortunately, because of the MYM session, MassRIDES Outreach Coordinator, Kyle Bonus, was able to connect him with a colleague who was willing to pick him up from a commuter rail stop in her town, significantly shortening his solo commute. Now the employee can save money, take pressure off his car, and have company on the long commute.

Congratulations to NOAA Fisheries on the success of their first MYM session. We are so happy to hear about all of the new carpools that were formed and we are especially excited to learn about an employee cutting his commute in half.

If you are interested in hosting a Meet Your Match event at your office, your outreach coordinator is here to help. Additionally, be sure to check in the second Wednesday of every month to read the success story of our monthly spotlight. If you think your company has been doing an excellent job in the green transportation field lately, and would like to be featured in our monthly employee spotlight, reach out to reach out to us.

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