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Back to School…Back to Traffic

written by Diane Hanson Oct 12th 2018
School bus

Fall is finally here and we are surrounded with cooler temperatures, pumpkin spiced lattes, and the dreaded back to school traffic. Increased traffic congestion, especially during school arrival and dismissal times, has almost certainly impacted and slowed down your commute.  To combat this, a change in your routine is in order. At MassRIDES, we know that changing from a Summer of driving alone to a Fall of clean commuting can simultaneously feel both exciting and daunting; but it is a great opportunity that shouldn’t be missed!

In addition to increases in traffic congestion, large scale life changes like moving homes or changing jobs are the best times to reassess your commute. Take any chance you can to identify change moments and try something new. When looking to move, consider your public transit options. Living closer to transit may enable you to get rid of a car. If you are moving further away from your job, what is that additional commute cost and how will it impact your budget?

Knowing all of the variables that impact your transportation costs is an important step in making decisions about how you travel. According to a survey conducted by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2013, an average household spends 14% of their annual budget on transportation, the second largest category, just below housing at 16%.  For the average household, this amounts to over $9,000 a year!  Switching to a clean commute now could save you enough money for a great vacation once school is out and Summer returns.

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