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Partner Spotlight: Waters Corporation

written by Patrick Higgins Sep 12th 2018
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Waters Corporation, an analytical laboratory instrument manufacturing company, completed its first-ever parking lot study at its headquarters in Milford. The study scope included four parking lot areas with a total capacity of 943 spaces. Data was collected using a tally system that tracked commuters as they arrived between 7:45 and 9:30 am. When the tracking commenced, MassRIDES observed a total of 534 vehicles pass through five entrances.

Data from the study showed that two of the entrances were more consistently utilized and the highest volume of traffic occurred between 8:00 and 8:15 am. However, carpools showed a more even distribution across time observation windows. MassRIDES also found that the entrance designated for shipping and receiving was used by commuters more frequently than the employee lots next to it. Further study will need to be done to determine factors behind this parking behavior.

Outreach Coordinator Patrick Higgins presented this data and analysis in a formalized report to Waters Corporation following the study. He suggested reducing the number of cars to improve Waters Corporation’s environmental footprint and resiliency, closing one of the lots during the winter to reduce plowing expenses and encourage carpooling, and adding flower pots in divider areas to reduce car speeds in the lots.

Birds Eye View of Waters Corporation Parking Lots

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