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Podcasts to Help You Power Through

written by Patrick Higgins Dec 18th 2018
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One of the great things about taking mass transit to work is the free time it affords me. Different people find different ways to take advantage of this free time. Some read novels, others play Fortnite, and some people even nap. I prefer to pass the time with podcasts. There is a podcast for everyone and below are four that might appeal to you.

The Codcast

1. The Codcast

The Codcast is my go-to source for Massachusetts news. Episodes tend to be 30 minutes long and there is a new episode every Monday. Topics range from the MBTA to ballot propositions. This is a must-listen for MBTA users as the podcast has a monthly partnership with Transit Matters that focuses on immediate transportation projects. You can learn more about The Codcast here.

2. Proof

Proof is a fascinating new podcast from America’s Test Kitchen that takes a deep dive into American food culture. Topics so far have included celery in American dining, rise of the tiki bar, and the science behind food cravings. This podcast is perfect for impressing friends and family members at events during the holiday season. Click here to learn more about Proof.

Hub History Podcast

3. HUB History

Love Massachusetts history but tired of the Boston Tea Party? HUB History is the podcast for you. This hour-long, weekly podcast tells the tales of the Commonwealth’s lesser-known-but-equally-important history. My favorite is “Boston’s Wild West” (episode 99) as it details Brighton’s history as the region’s stockyard. Summed up, if you like history and live inside the 128 corridor, this is a podcast for you. Click here to listen for yourself.

4. Last Seen

Last Seen is another hot podcast popping up in the news. Co-produced by WBUR and the Boston Globe, this podcast leads listeners through one of the most expensive art heist in history, the 1990 Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum theft. The thrilling podcast challenges the current held beliefs and posits questions about the overall handling of the case. This captivating podcast will introduce you to the who, what, when, where, and why of this still-unsolved caper. You can listen to the podcast by clicking here.

Podcasts are a great medium for improving the quality of your commute. This is just a tiny sampling of all the podcasts available. No matter your interests, chances are there’s a podcast out there that will help make your commute more enjoyable.

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