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Why I Take the T and Why You Should Too

written by Patrick Higgins May 7th 2018

As a MassRIDES Outreach Coordinator, I often meet with employees to discuss potential transportation options, and I frequently encourage utilizing the MBTA’s subway system as a commute option. There is a plethora of reasons why transit is a great choice for many commuters but there are three specific reasons why I prefer the T to other modes:

1. I have more me-time.

One of the things I love most about my commute on the MBTA red line is that it gives me more free time to listen to podcasts.  Podcasts, recorded shows that discuss a variety of topics, are a great way to pass the time on your commute. As a New England sports fan, I like The Ringer’s podcasts and when I want a more educational experience, I go with NPR, both of which I would recommend to my fellow New England commuters.

2. I save money and miles on my car.

Although I own a car, commuting via the T saves me money—no parking garage fees, no mid-week fill ups—and it allows me to extend the life of my car. The MBTA offers a variety of passes for each commuter’s needs. Personally, I use the Monthly LinkPass which costs $84.50 and provides me unlimited travel for one calendar month on the Local Bus and Subway. According to Bay State Commute, the state’s ridematching and incentive program for those who choose a green travel mode, I save $155 a month using the T instead of driving!

3. I meet my neighbors.

One of my favorite components of the T is the fact that it forces me to get involved with the community and interact with people.  There are so many people who use Massachusetts’ public transit. Every day I find myself looking forward to meeting new, interesting groups of travelers. Will it be a student pursuing their PhD, a colleague at a nearby company, or even one of my very own neighbors- the possibilities are limitless! I love the feeling of being a small thread in the Greater Boston fabric.

While my three favorite perks of taking the T may not appeal to all, there are dozens of transit benefits that others may prefer more. Commuters’ most valuable benefits may include a reduction in carbon emissions, the ability to become more active, and the decline of stress, but the list is endless.

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