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Calculate your Commute Cost How much is it, really?

Curious to see how much your commute really costs? Take a minute to run the numbers to the right.

We’ve already filled in the average costs so you can leave them or replace them with your own numbers. How would your costs change if you shared the trip - even just for one or two days a week?

Calculator Image

4 ways to save:

  • Share the Trip.
    Try carpooling or vanpooling.
  • Bicycle or Walk.
    Combine your daily commute with your daily exercise.
  • Let Us Drive.
    Hop on the train or a bus. Bring a book, read, relax and enjoy.
  • Leave the Car Parked.
    Next time you run an errand during the day, hop the train and save on parking and gas.

How much does your travel cost?









Now that you know the costs, what will you do differently?

Learn more about driving costs in AAA's annual 'Your Driving Costs' publication.

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