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Share the ride to work with a friend or a co-worker and suddenly you’re paying half as much for gas and parking! Carpooling also lowers stress, reduces your carbon footprint and saves time when you use the HOV lane.

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Resources to get started

Find a Carpool Partner »
NuRide provides free carpool matching so you can find other commuters who live in your neighborhood or town and commute in the same direction. Register at, check out your carpool matches, contact one (or more!) and pick a day to try a shared ride.

Emergency Ride Home for Carpoolers »
Don’t worry about being stranded at work in an emergency. MassRIDES’ Emergency Ride Home program lets you get home quickly if you're sick or have a family emergency by reimbursing you for up to four trips each year. Check to see if your employer offers this great benefit and then sign up here.

Earn Rewards for Carpooling »
Once you have registered in NuRide, report your carpool trips and earn points that can be redeemed for lots of great rewards provided by local and national sponsors. Active NuRiders typically redeem around $300 a year in rewards.

Find a Park & Ride Lot »
Park & Ride Lots are available throughout the Commonwealth for people wishing to carpool to work. Park & Rides also provide a great spot for vanpools to meet up and many also have commuter bus service available.

10 Tips to Successful Carpooling
  • Pick your route and schedule - Establish the morning and afternoon pickup spots.
  • Draw up a driving schedule - Decide who drives and when.
  • Decide how to share costs - If you’re driving, those sharing the ride help you pay for gas and parking. If you are catching the ride, you help pay for gas and parking. If you alternate driving responsibilities, no one exchanges money.
  • Be on time - Decide together - "how long is the driver expected to wait?"
  • Establish policies - Smoking or non smoking? Music and volume? Food or drinks? Your carpool will have a better chance of success if you set ground rules up front.
  • Make carpooling serve one purpose - If it is for commuting to and from work, avoid letting it become a shopping or errand service.
  • Establish a chain of communication - If a driver is ill, or on vacation, notify an alternate driver so the other carpoolers are not left stranded.
  • Travel safely and keep the vehicle in good repair - Keep the vehicle clean and safe. Don't ruin it for everyone with excessive speed and reckless maneuvers.
  • Respect your fellow carpooler's wishes - Especially in the morning when some people relish quiet time.
  • Just try it - you can share a ride once a week, twice a week or everyday. The only rules are the ones you make. Try it out and adjust as you go!