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Downloadable Resources

Rack Cards

Outreach Coordinators attending your events will bring a variety of rack cards to display at their table during a rush period at the office. Rack cards promote MassRIDES services such as Bay State Commute and Emergency Ride Home, as well as green commute options like carpooling and vanpooling.

The Bay State Commute rack card is available in English / Spanish.


These Closed Caption Television (CCTV) ads are digital versions of the Bay State Commute and Emergency Ride Home rack cards that your employees see at MassRIDES tabling events. Display these in cafeterias and lobbies to spread the word.


This is a sample presentation that MassRIDES Outreach Coordinators can give at your worksite. From arranging Try It Days and Meet Your Match events to general lunch & learns, MassRIDES can speak to your employees to encourage sustainable commute options.


CCTV ads are great for public areas, but posters are ideal for private areas like bathrooms and break rooms. MassRIDES can provide customizable posters for your worksite as needed. See the examples to the right.


The thumbnail on the right is the downloadable Introduction to MassRIDES. This guide offers much of the same information as the website in a printable form.

On the¬†left leads to the MassRIDES toolkit for small- and medium-sized businesses that might think they are too small to use MassRIDES’ services.

Other Sample Resources

These are sample documents that Outreach Coordinators can provide your company’s Employer Transportation Coordinator.

This sample ZIP code map from a Massachusetts company displays employees’ home locations. This can be mounted on a foam core board to display. The board is a helpful tool to spark conversation to start a carpool, vanpool, or a bike train to the office.

This is a sample dashboard report. Designated Employer Transportation Coordinators can access this green commuting dashboard through Bay State Commute to understand how their employees get to work and track their workforce’s transportation emission levels.

This sample Employer Survey allows Employer Transportation Coordinators to evaluate employee commuting habits at the workplace. The survey also serves as a great tool to discover unique transportation needs of employees and how they can best be supported.