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By implementing a robust Transportation Demand Management (TDM) program with the help of MassRIDES, employers may realize the benefits of better employee attendance less turnover, and financial savings. See below for a list of free employer services from our program:

Site Surveys & TDM Plan Preparation

When first partnering with MassRIDES, we will conduct a site survey of your workplace, including parking options, bike facilities, commuter benefits, and more. In working with your designated Employer Transportation coordinator (ETC), usually a Green Team, Human Resources, or Facilities representative, we can assist with developing a TDM plan for your worksite.

Emergency Ride Home

Emergency Ride Home Program Update:

The Emergency Ride Home (ERH) program will be ending on April 30th, 2019. This will be the last day users may take any ERH-sponsored trips. To successfully receive reimbursements, users must submit all outstanding ERH reimbursement requests by May 15th, 2019, no exceptions. Please contact leon.papadopoulos@dot.state.ma.us if you have any questions.

MassRIDES’ Emergency Ride Home (ERH) program supports sustainable commuters with a free ride if an unexpected emergency arises. ERH provides “commuter insurance” for employees of participating MassRIDES partners. MassRIDES reimburses employees up to $100 a trip up to four times a year for qualified emergencies.

Commuter Tax Benefits Education

Tax benefits are available to employers who encourage their employees to commute green. The federal commuter tax benefits based on Section 132(f) of the federal tax code enables commuters to pay for “qualifying transportation expenses” which include transit passes, vanpool fares, and parking fees as pre-tax costs. Employers have the ability to offer this benefit for transit, vanpooling, or parking.
Employees can use annual allowed pre-tax income per month to pay for transit, vanpool, and parking expenses through a payroll deduction, much like a flexible savings plan. When employees purchase a transit pass, vanpool seat, or a monthly parking spot they pay no income tax (up to the allowable amount) on the benefit and the employer saves through reduced payroll taxes.
Visit here for the current Massachusetts and Federal allowances.

Commuter Education Events

MassRIDES Outreach Coordinators can schedule tabling events to promote sustainable commuting in break rooms, parking lots, conference rooms, and lobbies. Other educational opportunities include New Hire Orientations, Lunch and Learns, and guided group transit trips.

Try It Day Events

A Try It Day is a preplanned day at your workplace where employees try a new green way of commuting. MassRIDES Outreach staff takes care of the pre-promotions, provide marketing materials, and support to employees before, during and after the event. This is a great way to educate and encourage your employees of their various green commuting options.

Meet Your Match Events

Meet Your Match is an informal event in which employees can mingle to learn who might be interested in forming potential carpools or vanpools based on where they live. MassRIDES Outreach staff takes care of the pre-promotions, provide marketing materials, and support to employees before, during and after the event in helping form a carpool or vanpool.

Ridematching and Rewards Through Bay State Commute

Bay State Commute, formerly NuRide, is a free service of MassRIDES that rewards commuters for taking green transportation such as walking, biking, telecommuting, carpooling, vanpooling, taking transit, or working a compressed work week. Bay State Commute helps commuters find carpool/vanpool matches, save money on transportation costs, reduce traffic congestion, and get rewarded for tracking green trips.
Visit baystatecommute.com to learn more.

Parking Studies

Parking studies. Are you running out of parking for your employees, considering building a parking lot/garage, or purchasing additional parking spaces for your employees? Before you do, let MassRIDES conduct a parking analysis and provide alternative options for your worksite and employees.

Vanpool Assistance

MassRIDES provides vanpool education to commuters by helping establish routes and times that are common amongst fellow commuters. By establishing critical mass within a region, we make recommendations and propose routes for getting to work. We work with major vanpool providers to present all available option to employers. Contact your outreach coordinator to organize a presentation from a vanpool provider.

Commuter Surveys

To help gain a better understanding of your company’s commuting culture, we can initiate an employee survey at your worksite. These surveys are available in multiple languages on paper and via email. Our staff will provide a summary report of findings and discuss options for building a green commuting culture.

Telework and Flexible Work Schedule Policy Guidance

Telework and flexible scheduling is one of the most effective ways to reduce roadway congestion and increase employee job satisfaction. In addition, by developing an informal or formal telework policy for your employees, your company can prepare for worksite disruptions from weather or natural disasters. MassRIDES can help guide you in preparing a telework policy or flexible schedule, such as compressed work week.

Employee Location Mapping

Similar to commuter surveys, an employee ZIP code map can give you a graphical representation of where your employees are commuting from and provide some guidance for possible carpool and vanpool formation.

Relocation Guidance

MassRIDES can provide a list of considerations when addressing a corporate move. These considerations include public transit access, employee commute distance, parking and bicycle infrastructure, and other TDM-related benefits and solutions.

Excellence in Commuter Options (ECO) Awards

The Excellence in Commuter Options (ECO) is a yearly awards ceremony that recognizes employer partners that make exemplary contributions in sustainable transportation options for their workforce.

Yearly events including the Massachusetts Clean Commute Challenge and Bike to Work Day

The Massachusetts Clean Commute Challenge celebrates car-free and car-lite transportation options in the Commonwealth on World Car-Free Day. Bike to Work Day is an international celebration happening every May that celebrates bike commuting.

MassRIDES Webinars

Quarterly online gatherings in which relevant transportation topics are discussed to help grow worksite programs.