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Yes! We want to take advantage of MassRIDES’ free services and be recognized for the strides our organization is making towards reducing traffic congestion, promoting sustainable transportation, and improving air quality in Massachusetts! As a MassRIDES partner, my organization will have priority access to MassRIDES products and services, access to commute option program expertise from a MassRIDES outreach coordinator, and great tools to encourage commute options.

By agreeing to partner with MassRIDES, you automatically sign up for the Emergency Ride Home (ERH) program. This free program will qualify your employees who take a regular green commute for a free ride home up to four times per year.*

Through this agreement, MassRIDES will:
  • Help educate and enroll eligible employees
  • Provide regular program updates
  • Reimburse employees for up to four qualified emergency rides home per employee, per calendar year
  • Conduct periodic program evaluations
  • Train the designated ERH Coordinator

An Employer Transportation Coordinator at my organization will:

  • Inform employees about the MassRIDES Program and all its benefits
  • Promote green commuting to employees
  • Work with MassRIDES Outreach Coordinator to plan events and create a TDM plan

An ERH coordinator at my organization will:

  • Inform employees about the ERH program
  • Approve employee requests for  reimbursement of emergency rides through our online ERH portal

*Not available for students at colleges or universities.

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