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Emergency Ride Home Program Update:

The Emergency Ride Home (ERH) program will be ending on April 30th, 2019. This will be the last day users may take any ERH-sponsored trips. To successfully receive reimbursements, users must submit all outstanding ERH reimbursement requests by May 15th, 2019, no exceptions. Please contact leon.papadopoulos@dot.state.ma.us if you have any questions.

ERH: Always There, Just in Case

MassRIDES Emergency Ride Home (ERH) program supports commuters who commute green with a free ride if an unexpected emergency arises. It is “commuter insurance” for those who carpool, take transit, bicycle, walk or vanpool to work. Participants simply take a taxi, transit, rental car or get a ride from a co-worker in the event of an emergency, submit a reimbursement request afterwards, and MassRIDES will reimburse the individual up to $100 for the cost of getting home.

Who can use ERH:

An individual must be enrolled in ERH and carpool, vanpool, transit, bicycle, or walk at least twice per week and on the day of program use. The individual must also be an employee of a participating MassRIDES employer partner worksite that is registered for ERH.

Qualified Emergencies:

  • Unexpected personal illness/emergency
  • Unexpected family illness/emergency
  • Carpool leaves due to an illness/emergency
  • Unexpected mandatory overtime

Not Qualified:

  • Rides to work
  • Personal errands or pre-planned appointments
  • Scheduled overtime
  • On-the-job injury
  • Weather-related events
  • Transit system delays/closures
  • Vehicle failure
  • Building closings
  • Shift times that end outside of transit service hours.

How to Get There:

  • Taxi – typically the quickest and most convenient option
  • Transit – if timely service is provided between origin/destination
  • Rental Car – if the trip is more than 20 miles away and time allows for rental process
  • Co-worker/Friend – get a ride from an individual and they will be reimbursed for the mileage at the federal mileage rate

ERH Trip Allowance:

An individual can submit up to four (4) reimbursement requests per calendar year. A tip will not be reimbursed.

Steps to Follow When an Emergency Arises:

  1. Arrange for emergency transportation beginning at your workplace.
  2. Take the trip and pay for the emergency ride – make certain to keep the receipt.
  3. Submit request for reimbursement within 30 days of the trip.

For additional information about MassRIDES’ Emergency Ride Home program, please review our program guidelines.